Human Resource & Organizational Development Training

This course takes delegates through human resource development (HRD), a field of study and practice that an organization can draw upon for improving its effectiveness at an individual level, group and process level and organizational systems level. This course also covers organization development (OD), a process designed to improve the...Read more

Project Leadership & Governance

  The training on Project Leadership is suitable for any Project implementation staffs who want to enhance their project management skills in order to lead complex strategic projects at an organizational level. An innovative, challenging program, the training develops strategic thinking and questions the traditional concepts of leadership, management, governance,...Read more

Gender & Disability Analysis, Mainstreaming in Projects & organizations.

This training brings together two key issues; these are gender and disability – aspects that have, for a long time, treated independent of each other by advocates of either gender or disability mainstreaming. Accordingly, this discourse is an instrument for capacity development, so that participants use the gained knowledge to...Read more

Finance Compliance & Internal Auditing.

This interactive workshop will equip delegates with skills to develop core quality system auditing skills. Participants will learn how to: plan, conduct and report on internal audits providing meaningful feedback on the strengths, weaknesses and improvement opportunities in their organization. The delegates will also learn how ensure ongoing quality system...Read more

Procurement, Logistics and Supply chain Management

  Course Overview This course will cover the principles of procurement management, which is acquiring products and services needed for the project from outside the project team. The Procurement Management processes from the PMBOK® Guide will be reviewed including inputs, key tools and techniques, and outputs. Typical procurement activities will...Read more